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24 Feb 2016

MBA Masterclass: The Art of Being Brilliant

Andy Cope

The Art of Being Brilliant, with Andy Cope

An MBA Masterclass

Wednesday, 24th February 2016,  5.30pm – 8.00pm

We live in a manic society where most people’s lives are on permanent fast-forward. The modern workplace is typified by a never ending regime of restructures and budget cuts. Uncertainty prevails. Customer expectations are rising. Legislation is tightening. You are probably going to be audited or inspected one day soon. Outside of work there are family pressures. And society. And the traffic. Oh, and don’t forget the weather!

‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ provides an antidote to the crazy world that typifies modern Britain. This workshop uses cutting-edge research to explore how you can be you, brilliantly. The aim is to share some of the ‘secrets’ of Positive Psychology, focusing on learning new habits of thinking and behaviour that will sustain personal ‘brilliance’. It is about the ‘whole you’ and, as such, is applicable in and out of work.

Aims: Quite simply, our aim is to inspire you. No jargon or fancy words. We want you to feel refreshed, invigorated and able to function at your best (at work and home). Our strapline says it all…why settle for anything less than being yourself, brilliantly?

About Andy Cope: Andy describes himself as a qualified teacher, author and learning junkie. Andy is currently studying happiness, flourishing and positivity as part of a Loughborough University PhD thesis. His research feeds into a training course called ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ which has been delivered to rave reviews all over the world.

Andy has worked with some very large businesses, including Microsoft, DHL, Pirelli, Pfizer, Toyota, Astra Zeneca and IKEA. Recently, he has tailored his workshops to meet the needs of children and teachers and now delivers to audiences from age 8 upwards!

He is also a best-selling author. He has written The Art of Being Brilliant and Be Brilliant Everyday, self-help books for adults, as well as The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager, UK’s first positive psychology book for young people.

Andy has also penned the successful Spy Dog series, published by Puffin. His first novel won the Redhouse Children’s Book of the Year and the series has sold in excess of a million copies worldwide.

Check out The Art of Brilliance website.


Lecture Details


Room BE0.53 Sir Richard Morris Building, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University, LE11 3TU



5.30pm    Light refreshments

6.00pm    Lecture and Q&A

8.00pm    Networking


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