School of Business and Economics


8 Mar 2016

CIM Distinguished Speaker Programme: Neil Stansfield

Neil Stansfield

Neil Stansfield, Technical Strategy Lead, Knowledge, Innovation and Futures Enterprise, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Title: UK national security and the digital transformation of defence operations in the 21st century

Date:               Tuesday, 8th March 2016

Time:               5.45pm: Arrival and light refreshments

                        6.15pm: Lecture and Q&A

                        7.15pm: Finish (approx.) and networking

Venue:            Loughborough University Design School (Room LDS0.17)



Moving from a world in which we control the generation of the information we use, and can therefore trust, to a world dominated by the ubiquity of unvalidated information will challenge every aspect of the way in which the UK Defence and National Security enterprise functions. Mastery of the information environment is today’s arms race. In this talk, Neil will explain the implications of these technological changes and how they impact on the behavioural operation of UK defence and security, from planning to operations.

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