School of Business and Economics


12 Jan 2016

CIM has announced the 2nd IDIMC to take place over two days in January 2016.

Photo of the 2014 CIM conference: IDIMC IDIMC 2014

The conference aims to bring together researchers, managers and policy makers from academia, industry, government, commerce and the third sector. To follow on from the 2014 conference, ‘Making connections’, the overarching theme of this conference will be ‘Exploring our digital shadow’.

The first day focusses on early career researchers, with a programme including a selection of workshops designed to hone skills in information management research. The second day comprises a series of invited and contributed papers and posters with a broad appeal across the sector. There will be excellent networking opportunities throughout both days.

Conference theme: "Exploring our digital shadow: From data to intelligence"

The information society and knowledge based economy rely on the organisation and retrieval of data and information; the processes associated with knowledge creation; and the knowledge required to design, develop and implement solutions that enable the exploitation of knowledge, data and information. With the ever-increasing growth in the volumes of data available digitally, how is society adapting to the challenges of extracting intelligence from the data and exploiting the available knowledge? Therefore, the overarching theme of this year’s conference is ‘exploring our digital shadow: from data to intelligence’, and papers are invited in the key areas of interest outlined below.