School of Business and Economics


4 Feb 2015

Professor Tom Jackson's inaugural lecture

Professor Tom Jackson Professor Tom Jackson

The Connected Jungle and the Digital Tree 
Inaugural Lecture by Professor Tom Jackson

Date: 4th February 2015 at 5.00pm
 Stewart Mason Building, Lecture Theatre SMB014, Loughborough University


Lecture summary: We live in the information age, which means we are more connected than ever before. Yet many of us can find it a bewildering and somewhat complex connected corporate jungle to operate in. For example, how many times have you felt overwhelmed by the number of emails you have received or by the vast amount of content available on-line?

This lecture explores the physiological and psychological impact of the digital communication network on you and the organisation and how by understanding and modelling these factors we can better prepare ourselves for the ever increasing, multifaceted communication tools available to us. As we continue to create our own digital tree over time, we will also discuss how the information is being used to forecast crime and change the marketing of products and services forever.