School of Business and Economics


23 Apr 2015

Organising the unorganisable? Voices from the bottom up


Researchers and Activists Forum on Precarious Work

Sponsored by University’s Research Challenge Communication, Culture and Citizenship and Centre for Professional Work and Society

Loughborough University 23-24 April 2015

Thursday, 23 April 1-6pm

Global South: practices of organisation and resistance

Friday, 24 April 9am-5pm

Global North: practices of organisation and resistance

An insight view of workers struggles in China

Ralf Gongchao Collective

Migrant organising in the UK

Gabriella Alberti, University of Leeds and Independent workers
of Great Britain; Joyce Jiang, Roehampton University and J4DW
(Justice for Domestic Worker)

The organisation of work in Chilean Ports and dockworkers organisation

Lucas Cifuentes, Advisor of the dockworkers Union/Universidad de Chile

Workers in retail distribution centres in the UK and in Italy

Workers’ Initiative Poland (Inicjatywa Pracownicza), Angry Workers of the World, Devi Sacchetto Univ. of Padua/Connessioni Precarie and Giorgio Grappi, Università di Bologna/Coordinamento migranti di Bologna e di Connessioni precarie

Addressing forced labour in supply chains

Fabiola Mieres, Durham University

Trade Unions activism and precarious work, experiences of organisation

Alumni MA Trade Unions Studies Ruskin College

Workers’ organisation in textiles sweatshops in Argentina

Jeronimo Montero, Ministry of Labour and CONICET Argentina

Pedagogical insights of producing knowledge for and with activists and union organisers

Ian Manborde, Ruskin College, Oxford

Organising informal transport workers in developing countries

The Global Labour Institute and the International Transport Federation

Focusing on the rank and file: the experience of Labor Notes and Trade Unions News

Sheila Cohen and Kim Moody

This is a free event, but spaces are limited so please book your seat by emailing Ruth Cufflin (or telephone: 01509 228839)