Centre for Service Management

Research Interest Groups

Town Centres Research Interest Group (TC-RIG), led by Dr. Cathy Hart

The Town Centres Research Interest Group aims to generate and disseminate new research evidence that will help users as well as academics, understand the different drivers of current and future town centre behaviour.  This knowledge will in turn, inform strategies to help integrate and strengthen the town centre offer to increase consumer patronage and will include, amongst other themes:

  • The customer experience of town centres; how different consumers interact and experience different types of town centres
  • Understanding consumer touch-points in town centres
  • Measuring town centre consumer behaviour


The Wine Business Research Interest Group (WB-RIG), led by Dr. James M. Crick

The Wine Business Research Interest Group aims to utilise the global wine industry as an empirical context to shape scholarly and practical research. The Wine Business Research Interest Group is comprised of an international team of researchers that specialise in domains, such as marketing, entrepreneurship, international business, strategic management, innovation, organisational sociology, and regional policy. With members spread throughout the world, such academic and practical research is intended to apply to numerous national contexts.


The ICTs, Inclusion and Development Research Intersert Group (IID-RIG), led by Dr. Silvia Masiero

The ICTs, Inclusion and Development Research Interest Group focuses on the adoption, use and application of digital technologies in the domains of inclusion and socio-economic development, bridging multiple themes around digitalisation and datafication in the Global South. The RIG consists of researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds with a common interest in the societal effects of digitalisation, its impacts on social, economic and financial inclusion, as well as its implications for global development outcomes.