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8 Aug 2019

Business Schools and the future of management education, event 24th/25th June

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The Centre for Service Management recently hosted a research event looking at the future of management education and business schools. Co-ordinated by Dr Alex Wilson, twelve speakers over two days addressed a wide-range of issues and challenges facing business schools. Presentations and debate covered the rising tide of metrics, the interface between service management and business schools, business schools as a design problem, new models for organizing business schools, the challenge of differentiation for business schools, conflicted leadership, personalisation and the business school, the public value model for business schools, and business model innovation. In concert, the presentations and discussion helped clarify some of the major issues confronting management education, higher education and universities. The event cemented the role of service management as a valuable component for improving the work of business schools and the services they provide to support the development of managers and organizations for the future.