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23 Jan 2018

SBE articles top the University’s download list for 2017

Nina Michaelidou

Papers by Dr Nina Michaelidou and Professor Thorsten Gruber from the School of Business and Economics (SBE) were the most downloaded from Loughborough University’s institutional repository in 2017:

  1. ‘Usage, barriers and measurement of social media marketing: An exploratory investigation of small and medium B2B brands’ by Dr Nina Michaelidou and colleagues
  2. ‘Understanding Generation Y and their use of social media: A review and research agenda’ by Professor Thorsten Gruber and colleagues

The University repository stores a variety of documents, including journal articles, book chapters, doctoral theses, conference papers and more. There are currently more than 26,800 items in the repository.

Professor Stewart Robinson, Dean of the School, said:

“Last year, ten items by SBE staff and doctoral students were in the top 40 downloads, demonstrating the relevance and international interest in research being carried out in the School.”

Dr Nina Michaelidou is a Reader in Marketing and serves as Deputy Head of the Marketing and Retailing discipline group and Programme Director of the BSc in Retailing, Marketing and Management. She has conducted research on digital and social media marketing for the last 8 years and her work has been published in highly ranked marketing and business journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Business Ethics, International Marketing Review and Journal of Business Research, among others.

Her article: "Usage, Barriers and Measurement of Social Media Marketing: an exploratory investigation of small and medium B2B brands," published in 2011 in Industrial Marketing Management, has achieved more than 500 citations and is currently also the most downloaded paper from the journal (January 2018).

Professor Thorsten Gruber is Director of the Centre for Service Management at the SBE and Anne-Marie and Gustaf Ander Foundation Visiting Professor of Service Management at CTF- Service Research Center, Karlstad University, Sweden. His article, “Understanding Generation Y and their use of social media: A review and research agenda,” ranked 2nd in 2017 and topped the University list the previous year, in 2016.