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Visit by Professor Christoph Teller, University of Surrey

CSM Members with Prof Teller

Between May 12th and 13th, CSM and the Town Centres Research Interest Group were proud to host Professor Christoph Teller from the University of Surrey.

Professor Teller holds a Chair in Retailing and Marketing in the Department of Marketing and Retail Management at Surrey Business School and is a renowned retail expert.

On May 12th, Professor Teller gave a research seminar titled “The Role of Cooperation and Coopetition between Nodes in Service Networks”, which was based on a research project he conducted with Professor Alexander and Dr Floh, both from Surrey Business School as well. 

During the seminar, Prof Teller investigated the impact of both competition and cooperation, i.e. coopetition, on network and node performance in service networks. His presentation also revealed and substantiated the complex nature and benefits of the effects of the competition as opposed to cooperation of retail and service outlets located within geographically bounded service networks. More widely it underlined the importance of managers of service networks understanding the differing effects of competition and cooperation and using this understanding in their management decision making.

On May 13th, Prof Teller then gave a presentation to our postgraduate students highlighting 10 current and future trends in (grocery) retailing in the UK and beyond.

CSM and the Town Centres Research Interest Group would like to thank Prof Teller for visiting us and sharing great insights with our colleagues and students.

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