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Professor Robin Sickles

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Professor of Production Econometrics

Product macreconomics

Featured publications:

  • Schmidt, P. and Sickles, R.C. (1984) "Production Frontiers and Panel Data," Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 2, 367-374.
  • Sickles, R.C., and Taubman, P. (1986) "An Analysis of the Health and Retirement Status of the Elderly," Econometrica 54, 1339-1356.
  • Cornwell, C., Schmidt, P. and Sickles, R.C. (1990) "Production Frontiers with Cross-Sectional and Time Series Variation in Efficiency Levels," Journal of Econometrics 46, 185-200.
  • Sickles, R.C. (2005) “Panel Estimators and the Identification of Firm-Specific Efficiency Levels in Semi-Parametric and Non-Parametric Settings,” Journal of Econometrics, 126, 305-324.
  • Glass, A., Kenjegalieva, K. and Sickles, R.C. (2016) "Spatial Autoregressive and Spatial Durbin Stochastic Frontier Models for Panel Data,” Journal of Econometrics 190, 289-300.