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29 November 2017

Creation of a knowledge map for the technologies for building Cyber-Physical Systems

Presented By the Knowledge Management Research Interest Group (KMRIG)

About this event

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), more commonly known in the newspapers as components of Industry 4.0, represent our best hope of reaching a sustainable world during this century.  They will be prevalent in agriculture, transport, health, manufacturing, government services, and in our daily lives in smart communities of the future.  They represent a fusion of many technologies, and most of them are still under development.

An H2020 project completed this year, ‘Road2CPS’, had, as its purpose, the exploration of road-maps for the future developments in CPS, bringing them ever-closer to implementations in our society. An unanticipated outcome was the generation of a knowledge map for these technologies, showing how different classes of knowledge can combine (and will have to combine) to deliver progress for CPS. 

Although the term, CPS, implies pure engineering, there will be significant involvement of people within these systems and interacting with these systems.  Consequently, most the disciplines taught in this University will have some involvement with these systems.

This talk will outline the process for developing the knowledge map, including its problems and issues, and will discuss how such knowledge maps can be used more generally.  It will include some discussion of ‘wicked problems’ and ‘stretch targets’, knowledge of which is likely to be of use in future years.