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About the Small Business Charter Award

In June 2014 the School of Business and Economics was presented with a Small Business Charter (SBC) Silver Award and became one of the first UK business schools to receive chartered status. Since then, the Association of Business Schools merged the awards into a single award which the School is proud to retain.

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The Charter is important for the School because:

  • It demonstrates excellence and deep engagement with business, particularly SMEs;
  • It pinpoints destinations for start-up and business growth advice;
  • It anchors small business support with big infrastructure;
  • It provides a tangible window for students and businesses to engage.

The School of Business and Economics already has an established record of supporting SMEs and business start-ups, including providing research consultancy to a wide range of organisations, engaging in SME and entrepreneurship-focused research and helping students to recognise the value of undertaking a professional placement in an SME or as their own start-up company for their third year. 

The Small Business Charter works first by identifying and recognising those business schools that are best able to demonstrate their commitment to the small business sector, and then by making them more visible and accessible to both small businesses and students.

Award-winning schools collectively offer on-site incubators with dedicated space for students and small businesses to start up and grow, a dedicated Small Business Growth and Leadership programme driving real impact, and a strong full-time support network of alumni and local business experts to support both students and small businesses.