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Fred Yeadon graduated in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 1968 and after a number of years teaching mathematics obtained his PhD in Biomechanics from Loughborough University in 1985. He then took up a biomechanics position at the University of Calgary and in 1990 returned to Loughborough University where he is currently Professor of Computer Simulation in Sport.

Research Interests
Fred has received awards from the International Society of Biomechanics and the American Society of Biomechanics for his research on the computer simulation of twisting somersaults and continues to research in this area and to provide practical advice to gymnasts, divers, trampolinists and freestyle aerial skiers. Other research interests include the computer simulation of gymnastics, high jumping, figure skating and the control of human movement.

Selected Publications

Yeadon, M.R. 2000. The physics of twisting somersaults.
Physics World, Sep, 33-37.

Yeadon, M.R. 1997. The biomechanics of the human in flight.
The American Journal of Sports Medicine 25, 4, 575-580.

Yeadon, M.R. and Mikulcik, E.C. 1996. The control of non-twisting somersaults using configurational changes.
Journal of Biomechanics 10, 1341-1348.

Yeadon, M.R. and Challis, J.H. 1994. The future of performance related sports biomechanics research.
Journal of Sports Sciences 12, 3-32.

Yeadon, M.R. 1993. The biomechanics of twisting somersaults.
Parts I-IV.
Journal of Sports Sciences 11, 187-225.

Yeadon, M.R. 1990. The simulation of aerial movement. I-IV:
Journal of Biomechanics 23, 59-66.

You can view a fuller publications list on the University Publications Database.


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