Dr Cropper obtained his BSc in physics from the University of York in 1982. This was followed by a PhD in surface physics supervised by Professor Phil Woodruff from the University of Warwick in 1986. Following some post-doctoral work he joined the Department of Physics at Loughborough University in 1987. Here he established a research activity in surface physics, later broadening into thin films. In 1997 he was promoted to Senior Lecturer and has taken many different positions of responsibility including MSc Programme Tutor (for the Surface Science and Technology Programme) and Undergraduate Programme Tutor, Placement Tutor, Postgraduate Admissions, Research Coordinator, Finance Director and Director of Studies. He also chaired the Departmental team that achieved a rating of excellent for its undergraduate provision in the External Subject Review.

  • The deposition of thin films by physical vapour deposition.
  • Thin films films for accelerator applications deposited by physical vapour deposition.
  • Surface Structure

Selected publications:

"Thin films of AlCrFeCoNiCu high-entropy alloy by pulsed laser deposition", M D Cropper, Applied Surfce Science 455 (2018) 153-159

"Reduction of secondary electron yield for E-cloud mitigation by laser ablation surface engineering", R Valizadeh, O B Malyshev, S Wang, T Sian, M D  Cropper, N Sykes Applied Surface Science 404, (2017) 370–379.

“An investigation of the growth of bismuth whiskers and nanowires during physical vapour deposition”, S A Stanley, C Stuttle, A J Caruana, M D Cropper, A S O Walton, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. 45 (2012) 435304.

Dr Cropper is a reviewer for many leading academic journals including Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B, Surface Science, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, and the New Journal of Physics.

Dr Cropper was formerly a member of: the CLRC Facilities Access Panel for Physics (2002-2005); the Diamond Light Source Beam-line Working Party for Surface and Interface Structural Analysis, and the Institute of Physics; Institute of Physics Thin Films and Surfaces Group Committee 1997-2000.