Postgraduate research

Mumnuna Qureshi

Photo of  Mumnuna Qureshi

PhD research student

  • Start date of studies: 1 October 2015
  • Supervisors: Dr Alexandre Zagoskin & Dr Joseph Betouras
  • Research areas: Non-Equilibrium Quantum Dynamics, Statistical Mechanics, Perturbation Theory and Adiabatic Quantum Computing.

I am researching the Pechukas model, involving adiabatic evolution from a ground state. This is used as an approximation to the adiabatic evolution involved in quantum computing. I am interested in this problem as it poses the challenge of decoherence. In overcoming this, it is necessary to consider new approaches in which the Pechukas model comes into frame. This makes it possible to consider solutions to quantum many body interactions, involving the collective behaviour of quantum mechanics.

I have a background in in quantum field theory and fundamental forces as well as statistical and the quantum theory of matter. Currently I am working on this project to test quantumness with Dr Alexandre M Zagoskin and Dr Joseph J Betouras.

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