Postgraduate research

Amira Ben Gouider Trabelsi

Photo of  Amira Ben Gouider Trabelsi

Date of start of studies: 1 April 2012

Supervisors: Prof. F. Kusmartsev


  • A. Ben Gouider Trabelsi , A. Ouerghi , O.E. Kusmartseva, F.V. Kusmartsev, M. Oueslati, Raman spectroscopy of four epitaxial graphene layers: Macro-island grown on 4H-SiC (000-1) substrate and an associated strain distribution, Thin Solid Films 539 (2013) 377–383
  • A Ben Gouider Trabelsi, F V Kusmartsev, B J Robinson, A Ouerghi, O E Kusmartseva, O V Kolosov, R Mazzocco, Marat B Gaifullin and M Oueslati, Charged nano-domes and bubbles in epitaxial graphene, Nanotechnology 25 (2014) 165704