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12 Dec 2019

School of Science Dean to present inaugural lecture on quantum theory

The Dean of the School of Science and Theoretical Physicist Professor Claudia Eberlein will present an inaugural lecture in the New Year.

Titled 'Quantum wonders for the real world': A down-to-earth introduction to quantum theory, some of its techniques, challenges, and applications, Professor Eberlein will explain how physicists describe quantum systems, why they are interesting, and what distinguishes them from "normal" or classical systems. 

She will also discuss how these relate to our everyday life, for example, why yoghurt is not a thin liquid like the milk its made from. Along the way Claudia will give a few illustrations of the kinds of mathematics used in describing such theories and how it can be simply visualised. 
The lecture will be held on Wednesday 15 January, 4.30pm-6.00pm in WPT001 West Park Teaching Hub
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