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2 Mar 2018

Book now for this year's Sir Nevill Mott Lecture with Professor J Michael Kosterlitz

The Sir Nevill Mott Lecture 2018 will be presented by Professor J Michael Kosterlitz, the Scottish British-American physicist who was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics along with David Thouless and Duncan Haldane.

His lecture (titled "Topical Defects and Phase Transitions - A Random Walk to the Nobel Prize") promises to be a fascinating glimpse into the work of Kosterlitz, a Professor of Physics at Brown University. He told us:

"This talk is about my path to the Nobel Prize and reviews some of the applications of topology and topological defects in phase transitions in two-dimensional systems for which Kosterlitz and Thouless split half the 2016 Physics Nobel Prize. The theoretical predictions and experimental verification in two dimensional superfluids, superconductors and crystals will be reviewed because they provide very convincing quantitative agreement with topological defect theories."

If you intend to come to the lecture (which is being held this year at the University's West Park Teaching Hub) admission is free, but early booking is advisable. 

You can book your place here: