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23 March 2020

POSTPONED - Sir Nevill Mott Lecture 2020 - Practical Quantum Computing

Presented By Dr Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave
  • 17:00-18:00
  • WPT001 West Park Teaching Hub
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    The event is free to attend, however booking is required. 

About this event

Practical Quantum Computing

Quantum computing promises to bring great advances to business and science.  From previously unsolvable complex problems to energy consumption, quantum computing holds the potential to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.Join Dr. Alan Baratz in an exploration of quantum properties and how D-Wave has harnessed these using quantum mechanics to bring a new computing paradigm to market, all the while focusing on delivering real customer value – what we call practical quantum computing. Attendees will walk away with a new understanding of quantum computing and get the chance to see how early quantum applications in financial modeling, logistics, AI, fault detection, drug discovery and materials sciences are beginning to emerge in industries as diverse as manufacturing, finance, healthcare and media. Alan will discuss the burgeoning quantum application ecosystem, and how developers across the world can start programming on a quantum computer today to conduct research and build the quantum applications of the future.