Politics and International Studies

Undergraduate study

Emma Palios

Qualification(s): BA (Hons)
Course: History and Politics 

Why did you choose Loughborough, and specifically your degree programme? Was there something unique about Loughborough that was the deciding factor over other Universities?

My degree programme is Joint Honours History and Politics. I knew that I wanted to study at Loughborough because it provided the best combination of both things that I found the most enjoyable: High class sport with History and Politics. Loughborough was rated highly in the NUS Student Experience survey, and with nearly 60 societies and over 50 sports clubs, I knew that there was plenty of opportunity for me to try new things. 

What is it like studying at Loughborough? Are the tutors helpful/supportive?

My subject area is a really supportive and encouraging environment. There is a large variety of modules, from Modern South Asia: Politics, Society & Culture to US in the World so you are always learning something new. Since I had not studied politics before, the first year modules which provided an introduction to politics and academic study was really helpful for me. Loughborough also gives its students the opportunity to try a new language, so I delved into the deep end and started to learn Mandarin. My tutors have always offered me their support, both in academic and other interests, and they really want the best out of their students. My personal tutor has been really helpful in giving me advice and support.  

What do you enjoy the most about your course?

The course mainly focuses on Modern History and Politics, and I have really enjoyed the modules Political Ideologies and State, Violence and Terrorism, and Violence, Power and Human Suffering. These modules really challenged what I thought of the world, and the tutors were all really enthusiastic about their topic, which always makes it more enjoyable. We also get many opportunities to choose our own coursework question. I enjoy this aspect the most as it allows me the opportunity to research relevant topics that I find interesting. 

What other opportunities does the University provide that you've taken advantage of (or would like to in the future), either to support your studies, or just for fun?

There are so many opportunities at Loughborough that even in my third year I still haven't done everything that I have been meaning to. I am a big sports enthusiast, so I always enjoyed playing for my hall in IMS matches such as rounders, volleyball and tag rugby. I am also part of the Loughborough Women's Football Club as well as the Loughborough Free-style Kickboxing Club. I had no experience in martial arts and so I took up kickboxing to see what it was like and ended up on committee I loved the experience so much. The university also offer My Lifestyle sporting activities which are free to do, so I am always taking advantage of that. I have also taken part in volunteer projects such as Kids History Day and community clean-ups as well as being Action Rep for my hall in my first year. I also took up Mandarin to help build up my language skills. If I had another opportunity, I would fund-raise with RAG to climb Kilimanjaro. 

Would you recommend Loughborough to others and, if so, why?

Loughborough has a great reputation in sport and academia, and this is something that made me want to study here, but I would also recommend it because it offers so many opportunities, not just sport, that would suit all kinds of individuals with different interests. You meet so many people, and the Loughborough community is really strong. The university gives out a sense of being really interested in helping their students achieve the best that they can, and the experience I have had studying here has been second to none.