Politics and International Studies

Undergraduate study

Thomas Hadji

Qualification(s): BA (Hons)
Course: Politics 

Why did you choose Loughborough University and specifically your degree programme?

I chose Loughborough because it is a highly regarded university. In addition, it has great sporting facilities and a brilliant students union so I felt it to be the place where I could get the right balance between work and socialising.

I chose my degree because I had a passion for politics. At a fundamental level politics is the study of power and power applies to all aspects of life, thus by studying ‘politics with a minor’ it gave me flexibility to relate the study of power to other academic fields.

How have you found studying within your subject area at Loughborough?

There is a great amount of variety in what the lecturers specialise in. For example, I have been taught by leading experts in political philosophy, politics and religion, the politics of the European Union, anarchism. By having such variety there is always a tutor who will take an interest in what you want to discuss. Also, they go above and beyond helping you with your academic work, for example I have had a lecturer who helped me prepare for an interview. It is that kind of dedication to the students that makes you feel that being part of Loughborough is something special.

What do you enjoy the most about your course?

Developing your own thoughts on the world. I think it is easy and dangerous to go through life not thinking nor developing your own thoughts, often it is easier to just adopt some one else’s principles. Throughout my degree at Loughborough, the modules and lecturers have given me the tools and information to help develop my own perspective on the world. I suppose this was culminated in my dissertation whereby I was give the freedom to implement my own thoughts into a question which I had chosen and crafted.

What other opportunities does the University provide that you've taken advantage of?

There are numerous career fair throughout the year that are really useful to take advantage of. Due to Loughborough’s great connections outside of the academic sphere there are always a great number of respectable businesses. Not only is this useful for receiving some great career advice and a great time to start networking but its perfect to grab a load of free goodies (note that free stuff becomes a lot more important when you are a student).

Would you recommend Loughborough to other and, if so, why?

I would recommend Loughborough to anyone that wants to make the most of all aspects of university life. You don’t want to have regrets that you didn't take make enough of your academic opportunity as much as you don't want to regret not socialising and making those ‘life long’ friends that university is famed for. Loughborough has the academic excellence and social environment to do both.