Politics and International Studies

Undergraduate study

Alex Allington

Qualification(s): BA (Hons)
Course: Politics and International Relations 

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

The course looked incredible and a lot more diverse than other universities I looked at, the fact that I could pick multiple modules from other departments such as economics and languages was a unique opportunity to expand my learning into different areas of interest. Furthermore the campus atmosphere was one of a big family everyone is very proud of being from Loughborough and the reputation that Loughborough holds as a consistently top 10 university. In addition to this I love sports and the facilities here at Loughborough are second to none with England cricket and multiple GB teams based here it speaks for itself.

What do you enjoy about your course? Do you have any examples of inspiring moments on your course?

I enjoy the diversity of my course, across the three years I have spent here I have had opportunities to learn and experience many things I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

One example of an inspiring moment was developed throughout the time I have spent here. I started Loughborough University without much confidence in presentation skills but the help and support i received from my lecturers allowed me to build my skills to deliver a 15 minute presentation to a conference which three years ago would have been out of the question.

What do you think of the teaching quality and facilities?

The teaching quality is great, between lectures the teaching and delivery varies massively yet they always succed in engaging and developing your learning. The facilities at Loughborough for teaching are also of a very good quality, lecture theatres and seminar rooms are all well-equipped and of a good quality. In addition to this there are many independent study areas across campus for use which prove especially useful during exams as they are open 24/7.

What kind of support have you had in the department and from the University?

Support from lecturers on a one to one basis has been very good over the time I have been at Loughborough. It usually tends towards not doing things via email but rather via meetings to ensure your understanding of the issue which is very helpful.

What do you hope to do when you graduate, and how will your Loughborough degree support this?

I intend to join the British army as an officer; my degree from Loughborough will help me in doing this as some modules I have taken in the course have related to human security, leadership and cultural differences which has given me a far better understanding of the world we live in and the challenges faced by governments today in complex issues of international and domestic conflict. Furthermore my time at Loughborough has given me the opportunity to develop my teamwork and leadership through sports, group work and societies. In addition to this the careers support has been amazing allowing me to explore my options and finally settle on a career I am sure about.