Politics and International Studies

Undergraduate study

International Relations at Loughborough

In studying International Relations at Loughborough you will tackle some of the most complex and important questions facing the world today. You will debate the rise of global terrorism and the significance of the new protest politics for international affairs, the interconnections between states, foreign policy, and the diffusion of power in multi-level global political environment. Here at Loughborough you will explore the challenges facing diplomacy in its traditional and innovative forms, challenges to traditional conceptions of governance and policy making, and you will delve deeply into the theoretical ideas upon which the 20th and 21st Century world orders are built and interrogate their foundations, from the role and nature of the modern state and globalised markets, to arguments for state intervention, national sovereignty, and the appropriate role of NGOs and other non-elected bodies on the world stage.

With academic staff and your peers you will debate the biggest subjects of the day (including migration, climate change, European integration and social resilience), and hear from professionals working in the field – including our own alumni – about how international relations are conducted on the ground. You will be encouraged to expand your own horizons through study abroad and work placements that will alter your outlook on the world forever. And you will be taught and assessed in innovative ways which equip you with key intellectual and employability skills and prepare you for your chosen career.

For more information, please contact the Programme Director for Politics and International Relations.