Politics and International Studies


Elizabet Vasileva

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Postgraduate Researcher


I finished a BA in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Malmö

University, Sweden, and an MA in Social and Political Thought at University of Sussex. My first degree was interdisciplinary and varied, while my second one gave me a more solid and focused theoretical foundation to work on. My Masters dissertation focused on the question of violence through postanarchism, exploring the conflict between anarchist ethics and poststructuralist relativism. The use of violence in contemporary radical left movements is an ongoing academic concern for me.

I joined the Politics, History and International Relations department at Loughborough in April 2014. My current research extends my analysis of the tension between postanarchist and poststructuralist ethics, namely the confusion that seems to arise between the values of anarchism, such as recognising everyone’s agency, and the need to agree on forms of collective action. My research aims to explore the possibility of a non-normative, anti-representational and non-essentialist ethical framework using the works of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. I hope this contribution will be of practical use to the on-going debates around postanarchist and contemporary radical politics.

My other current research interests include affinity politics, queer theory, new social movements, neo-materialist ontology, posthumanism, ethics, neo-liberalism and governmentality.

I teach seminars at Loughborough University in the PHIR department.

I am a teaching assistant and learning support tutor at the Free University of Brighton.

Interview with Nina Power, Studies in Social and Political Thought, Volume 24, Winter 2014.