university home The aim of the Wolfson School Seminar is to promote recent advances in engineering knowledge.

Seminars from 2001 - 2002

Research opportunities in layer manufacturing - design, materials, processes and management
Prof. P. Dickens, Loughborough University

Analytical and numerical models of acoustical and optical filters
Prof. A. Movchan, University of Liverpool

MEMS Research at Imperial College, London 
Dr. A. Holmes, Imperial College, London

Nanohardness measurements: some problems with the interpretation and analysis of data and their solution
Dr. M. M. Chaudri, University of Cambridge

New developments in golf club technology
Dr A. Hocknell, Callaway Golf USA

Emerging technologies for the UK armed forces
Prof. P. Sutton, MoD

Advanced combustion
Prof. D. Bradley, University of Leeds

Smelling mobile robots
Prof. G. Virk University of Portsmouth

Lubrication and wear of total replacement hip joint
Prof. D. Dowson, Universities of Leeds and Loughborough

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