university home The aim of the Wolfson School Seminar is to promote recent advances in engineering knowledge. Participation by all staff and students is warmly welcomed.

Seminars from 2000 - 2001

Computational Continuum Damage Mechanics: Its Use in the Prediction of Creep in Structures – Past, Present and Future
Prof D R Hayhurst, UMIST

Mechanical Properties of Materials Modelled by Atomistic Simulation Methods
Prof R Smith, Loughborough University

Determination of Quasi-Static and Dynamic Material Properties with Whole-Field Displacement Measurement Methods
Dr H T Goldrein, University of Cambridge

‘Change Capable’ Business Processes and the role of ‘Component-Based Systems’
Prof R Weston, Loughborough University

Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain - How is it Different?
Prof D J Williams, Bespak

Mechatronic Development and Applications of a High Performance Active Vision System
Prof P Sharkey, University of Reading 

People in the Manufacturing Workplace - Change, Trust and Regulation
Prof N D Burns, Loughborough University 

Modelling Friction
Prof M J Adams, Unilever Research and Imperial College, London 

Adaptive optics
Prof J C Dainty Imperial College, London 

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