Dr. Andy West
Senior Lecturer


Obtained a First Class Honours Degree from Leeds University, Department of Physics in 1983.

Awarded the Stoner Prize for highest marks obtained in Physics Degree. 

Obtained a Ph.D. in Astrophysics 1987 from Leeds University Department of Physics. Ph.D. Thesis Title: "Observations of Cygnus X-3 above 1015 eV with Extensive Air Shower Arrays at Haverah Park". 

Since 1986 employed as control and software engineer for Haiste Automation Ltd., research engineer at Cambridge and Loughborough Universities and independent consultant for a number of companies (e.g. Cambridge Consultants Ltd., PERA, Crown Cork and Seal, Ecoroll, Corus, Rolls Royce, Arena Tube Manipulation Ltd., Boots Contract Manufacturing, I. Holland Ltd., Federal Mogul Ltd., AJC Synectics, Exel Process Systems Ltd., Buxton Spa Bakery and EPSRC).

Lecturer in the Wolfson School Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering since 1995. Senior Lecturer 2004.  Appointed Programme Director for Sports Technology in 2003.

Research Interests:

the development of the control and monitoring of the next generation of engine manufacturing machines based upon distributed control components

the development and evaluation of software tools to enable the marketing, mechanical engineering, controls and electrical engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and monitoring of component based control for automotive engine manufacture

the implementation and assessment of intelligent control paradigms (e.g. rule, fuzzy logic and neural network based) applied to discrete real-time manufacturing processes within the electronics industry

the development automatic generation of personalised interfaces to manufacturing software systems to enable a common look and feel (and hence ease of use) to be maintained across the variety of software maintained within manufacturing enterprises

the development of a novel manufacturing process for the production of ultra thin walled beverage cans

the integration of control systems development, high level CAD and discrete event simulation software with low level physical models of motors and control mechanisms to enable the rapid design and implementation of purpose build manufacturing machines within the car industry

the development of (i) requirements for an ERP system implementation and (ii) statistical process control requirements and implementation within the pharmaceutical industry

the development of modelling constructs to enable human resources to be included within enterprise modelling activities

Students Supervised:

Laura Justham, John Smith


Staff Supervised:



External Activities:

Member of the EPSRC peers review college
External consultant on process modelling, systems design and implementation to several UK and European Companies

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Contact Details:  

Dr. Andy West
Sports Technology Research Group,
Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,
Loughborough University,
United Kingdom
LE11 3TU

Tel: +44 (01509) 227550
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