Life-Cycle Design and Analysis  


A Team Based Design for the Environment Method

Authors: C S MacDonald-Smith, T D Short

Presented by Dr. Tim Short, Durham University



From Need to Manufacture – The Design Process in Sustainable Value Approach

Authors: J Alexandre, J Henriques, J Catarino, A Maia, F Rodrigues, D Camocho

Presented by Mr. Jorge Alexandre, National Institute for Engineering, Technology and Innovation, Lisbon, Portugal



Design Considerations for End-of-life Vehicles

Authors: C J Edwards, S Rahimifard

Presented by Mr. Chris Edwards, Loughborough University



Approaches to Measure Wing Beat Frequencies with Computer Vision

Authors: L Lazarevic, D Southee, D Harrison, J Osmond, D Frost, M Wade

Presented by Ms. Ljubica Lazarevic, Brunnel University



Design and Manufacture for Sustainable Development in Wales
Author: A Thomas
Presented by Ms. Angharad Thomas, Salford University