Mathematics support

Free mathematics support is available for all students at the Mathematics Learning Support Centre.

One-to-one drop-in help is offered by experienced mathematics lecturers throughout the week.

As well as the drop-in service, the learning support centre is available for students looking for individual or group study space. There are computers and a range of resources such as textbooks, leaflets and workbooks.

Help is available at the centre or can be booked for a remote session with a member of staff.


UPDATE May 2021: 

The Mathematics Learning Support Centre re-opened in week 11 but as no students visited or used it as a quiet study space, the decision was made to close from week 12 until the end of the summer term and focus our attention on providing more effective remote/virtual support for students, which is very much in demand.

With this in mind, we encourage ALL students from any discipline to book remote sessions, should they be struggling with any aspect of mathematics/statistics. 

All Lecturers on the timetable continue to be available via MS Teams and you can book an appointment with them here: 

Remote Session Booking Scheduler

Please check a Lecturer's area of expertise before booking a session or if you prefer to email will suggest who would be best placed to help with your query and guide you through the booking process.


Take a tour of the Mathematics Learning Support Centre