Eureka Centre for Mathematical Confidence

The Eureka Centre is specifically designed for students who are not confident about their maths and statistics.

The centre aims to help students, from any department, through a series of events, resources and information. In particular, the Eureka Centre offers specialist support for students lacking confidence in mathematics or statistics. Staff have built up much expertise in supporting students with dyslexia and other additional needs with the mathematical / statistical demands of their courses.

The centre has a dedicated hub in the Schofield Building and is led by our additional needs coordinator who specialises in mathematics student support. 

Opening times

Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm
Drop in service on Monday and Tuesday: 1pm - 2pm

Can the centre help you?

If the answer to any of the statements below is YES then you should consider using the centre to build your confidence with the subject.

Numbers make my heart race

Maths is like trying to climb a brick wall

GCSE mathematics was a terrible hurdle

I need help - there is statistics in my course

I've never liked mathematics

Numbers are not 'user friendly'

I can do essays but not sums

I panic in maths tests and exams

I try to avoid maths

My maths may affect my degree

With maths there is no point in trying 

I do not feel able to ask for help

I didn't expect so much statistics in my course

Maths seems simple to some people, not me

Confidential advice about dyscalculia or dyslexia

If you would like to talk confidentially about dyscalculia or dyslexia in relation to mathematics or statistics, you may contact Clare Trott. Her email address is and her telephone number is 01509 228258.

Alternatively, call into one of the Mathematics Learning Support Centres and the receptionist will help you to make an appointment.

Other help and support