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The Engineering Designers Exhibition 2019

‌‌This Exhibition is your chance to see the results inspiring 3rd and 4th year projects from the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering.  Many of the project themes are supported by industry and/or leading edge research from the Wolfson School.

Exhibition Details

Date: Wednesday 15th May 2019

Time: 12:30pm to 4:30pm

Formal Opening 1:30pm, including the invited guest speaker Dr Rob Blenkinsopp, The Innovation and Testing lead at Pentland Brands.

Registration: Please register for the exhibition. 

Location: James France Building, Loughborough University

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Every year the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering hosts the the Engineering Designers Exhibition and we would like to invite you and your colleagues to attend.

Product Design Engineering

The PDE Project Exhibition is your chance to see the results of inspiring projects from the 3rd year students of the Product Design Engineering degree programme.  Many of the project themes are inspired by industry and/or leading edge research from the Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. It is our aim to give people in industry the opportunity to view the excellent work produced by our students and encourage future links to be made with our emerging graduates.  The undergraduates also very much appreciate feedback on their work from an industrial perspective.

Total Product Design Exhibition

In parallel the exhibition will also include projects from the Total Product Design module.  These team projects are all industrially specified and sponsored.  Each team consists of five 4th year Masters Students working over an entire academic year. The projects show the application Integrated Design in order to equip students with the necessary design skills, project engineering and management skills they will require in industry.

You will also be able to see examples of 2nd year group design and make project work from the Applied Product Design Module.

Companies Supporting the Projects

  • Perkins Engines
  • JCB
  • Red Arch Engineering
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Leicestershire Hospital Trust
  • QFC
  • Ford
  • Bentley
  • Kohler Mira
  • The Manufacturing Technology Cente
  • Nifty Lift
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)
  • Faurecia Clean Mobility UK Ltd
  • Triumph Motorcycles

Please register on the web site by Monday 13th May at the latest to allow us to plan for the event.

We look forward to seeing you there and welcome any further questions using the following contact details.

Keiron Morris

Team Project Title

Supporting Company

Modelling of Wall Thinning and Pre-Stress in Bent Pipes Under Thermal Expansion

Red Arch Ltd.

Development of A Low Cost Automotive Active Sound Speaker

Red Arch Ltd.

Pressure Sensor for a Gasoline Engine Water Interjection Rail

Jaguar Land Rover

Design of an Intake Manifold with An Intergrated Water Charge Air Cooler

Jaguar Land Rover 

Developing a Methology and Equipment to Determine Wheel Loading on a Motorcycle

Triumph Motorcycle

Developing Methodology and Equipment to Characterise a Braking System.

Triumph Motorcycle

Additive Manufacturing Opportunities for Engine Production



Specification of a Hybrid Powertrain for Heavy-Duty Off Highway Applications




Concept Design for a Performance Tennis Shoe


Support for Specialised Surgical Operations 

Leicester Hospital Trust

Developement of a Needle Guide System for Ultrasound-guided Interventional Procedures

Leicester Hospital Trust

Design of a Novel Blast Mitigation System for Seats In Specialist Vehicles.


The Production of An Informed Parametric Design Tool to Aid Design of Gas Shielding Nozzles in Laser Welding


Total Product Design of a Gas Shielding Nozzle for Laser Welding


Design of a Push-Button Diverter Value for Use in a Commercial Shower


Design of an Optimal Low Flow Showering Concept 


Bentley Continental GT Headlamp Alignment 

Bentley Cars

Exhibitor Project Title
Alexander, David Human-Machine Cooperation (HMC) in Novel Urban Infrastructures
Armour, Thomas Karl Prototyping of a Stop-Start Shower
Batchelor, Kieran Samuel 3D printing of mitral clip- design, manufacturing and evaluation
Bath, Thomas VR for use as an Engineering Design Support tool
Bathhurst, Bill System for Reuse of Domestic Greywater
Blades, Alys Ellen Josephine Design a Product to Promote Child Safety
Burrows, Max Dyneema slimline highload Block  
Chauhan, Ganesh Srijan Additive Manufacturing of continuous fibre reinfored polymer joints
Childs, George Generation of CAD Models from Scanned images
Chiu, Chung Fei Titus  Synergies Between Jewellery, Technology and Aspects of Wellbeing 2
Coe, Anna Elizabeth 3D printing of a human head model
Cox, Nicole Analise  The design and build of a STEM tool to educate under 16s about railway technology 
Critchlow, Hollie  A robotic inspection system 
Dodds, Daniel Design a real-time resource planning and process monitoring software for and investment casting process  
Douch, Maxim Miles  Device to aid swimming for young children
Fare, Mark Design a new Container system for automotive parts
Forbes, Tegan Drone based inspection
Freeman, Sophie Bethan Manual Welding fume air quality measure
Ghavalkar, Abhijeet Design of a Smart Home Speaker
Graham, William Peter Allister  Highly Flexible, Light Weight Conformal Body Armour
Hadjiantoniou, Michalis Chair positioning system
Hadjipetrou, Stephanie Product Design for Remanufacturing (Servitisation/ Product Service System/ Circular Economy)
Hale, James  Engineered Sculpture
Hawes, Rebecca Eco-Smart Thermostat
Hood, Emma  Development of a Biocompatible Whole Mitral Valve Scaffold using 3D Printing
Hristova, Monica  Designing optimal carriage systems for transporting critical medical supply by drones  
Ibironke, Oluwatoni  Joint cutting machine based around wood router
Jones, Benjamin Andrew  Design for Braking sytem for mobility aid
Jones, Nicholas  Design of a hand-held combined tube sealer-welder for biomedical applications
Kirsch, Julien Exploring the design of swimming aids for amputee children
Kitzinger, Jeremy Christian Simon Overcoming 3D-Printing's Greatest Weakness
Lam, Hong-Kiu Measurement of Subjective Perceptions: Body Maps of Emotion   
Long, Katie Anne Student-proposed product design project  
Lupson- Darnell, Thomas Connected lighting for photographers
Marsh, Jordanna SMART Designs: Sustainable Provision of Healthcare in the 21st Century 
Moreno Oakes, Emma Isabel Sustainable Urban Environments
Morris, Tomos Development and optimisation of a roller-bending machine
Mudge, Zachariah Thomas Manufacturing of low-cost prosthetic foot using recycled material 
Parish, Hannah   Design of a device to aid pregnant women during their final trimester  
Pearce, Matthew  Design of a mobile carwash
Rawlinson, Samuel  Skin Sensor for Medical Applications
Renwick, Owen Stephen Henry Tip free pipetting  
Rice, Joshua David Design and development of an environmental monitoring system
Ridler, Jessica Annabel Design and development of battery powered kitchen utensils
Rigby, Gemma Louise  Redesign of a gear lever for new Bentley Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)  
Robison, Abigail Rebecca Project Process Optimisation For Advanced Engineering Applications.
Rolfe, Georgia May   Student Healthcare Product Design and Manufacture
Ross, Georgia Ellen  3D Printing Cake
Rupp, Miranda Victoria  The Design of Aid Relief in Support of Humanitarian Crisis
Sinclair, Anna Heart Rate measurement of Elite Swimmers during pool training- sponsored by Speedo UK  
Sinhal, Anesh Improving the Sustainability Within Sofa Frames
Sonola, Oluwatobiloba Arduino Based Instrumentation for Measuring Hand Movement and Grip Pressure
Steer, Alexander  Re-design of Folding Guest bed for improved sustainablilty- sponsored by Jay-Be
Stern, Ethan  Small Form Factor PC Case Design
Suppipat, Prompon Design of an instrument protective housing and human interface  
Sweet, Benedict Maxwell Leslie  SMART Futures: Future of Cooling
Temple, Luke Design of a Polymer Fan Hub for Elta Fans
Turian, Daniel Ryan John Prototyping of a Stop-Start Drencher Shower
Watson, Charles Scott  3D Printing of Continuous Fibre Reinforced Composites
Webb, Declan  3D printing of a human head model of soft and hard tissue
Webborn, Barnabas  Design of a Suturing Device for Repairing Aortic Dissections
Wishart, Tom Andrew SMART Products: Water from Air  
Yau, Kimberley Design a real time Process monitoring software for small manufacturing companies 
Yeung, Shing Cheong Design and manufacture of a portable device associated with adventure sports or activities

What is a Product Design Engineer?

The rapid evolution of products is key to the global economy. Products change functionally and aesthetically, hence the key ingredient for any product’s success is the skill of the Product Design Engineers.

Product Design Engineers have the challenging task of combining creative, aesthetic and technical design skills, with a background of engineering science. It is important that they are able to design a new product that satisfies the original functional specification and is appealing to the potential market. Furthermore, understanding the operating principles of manufacturing processes and technologies, is critical to allowing quality products to be designed and realised in the right quantities, to an appropriate level of quality, and at the right price.

The IMechE, IET and IED accredited programme in Product Design Engineering provides breadth and depth of product design and manufacturing technologies, reinforces team working and leadership skills, and promotes self-sufficiency, self-motivation and initiative. Team working and project management are critical aspects of design and engineering development that are practiced throughout the programme, both within modules, and industry based project work.

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