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The Loughborough’s Women’s Engineering Society

Nationally, the Women's Engineering Society, or WES, is a professional, not-for-profit network of women engineers, scientists and technologists offering inspiration, support and professional development. Since 1919, the society has worked to inspire and support diversity and engineering as well as encouraging the education of engineering and supporting companies with gender diversity and inclusion.

Here at Loughborough University, WES has been growing in strength over recent years with a strong and proactive group of young women driving the opportunities for Loughborough University female undergraduate and postgraduate students across the engineering departments and schools.  The society membership has a full inclusion policy for all engineers regardless of gender. Events are advertised to all eligible females and to the wider university via emails and social media, with an active core of 50 to 60 students attending a range of events.

A typical year for WES will headline with the annual WES Careers Fair with companies attending and providing advice about their career opportunities for female engineers. Previous years have included attendance from Caterpillar, Dyson, ExxonMobil and Rolls Royce amongst other large and small reputable recruiters. Throughout the year other events include the national WES conferences, STEM ambassador training, workshops and seminars. The STEM training allows volunteers to inspire the next generation of engineers from primary school to secondary school to college. Workshops and seminars deal with professional development issues such as developing CVs and career profile pages on social and professional media such as LinkedIn.

As well as this, site visits and insight days to engineering companies to provide opportunities to provide orientation to industrial environments and career opportunities. And of course, the social side has not been left behind, with dinners, parties and other fun events. With the growth of Loughborough University’s Women in Engineering Society, a need for collaboration and involvement with other parts of the university has developed. WES has also been involved with the development of the LU Athena Swan profiles in some of the Engineering Schools and will hopefully be a part of the latest submissions due to its dedicated work in the field of gender diversity.

WES at Loughborough is open to all new and existing students on any engineering degree.  Every year there are new opportunities to join the WES Committee to take part, help run events, and manage the society’s processes. Or just join WES, have fun and meet likeminded people who are all studying engineering of one sort or another looking for exciting career opportunities in the future. Simply follow us on social media and attend our events. 


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