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With an interest in alternative energy sources which stems from the oil crisis of 1976, Anthony Marmont has gradually increased his involvement with renewable energy into a thriving concern which includes a number of ambitious projects.

Within his Leicestershire home, the viability of many applications have been proved on a local scale. These include the generation of the Marmont’s own electricity needs from photovoltaic panels and two 25kW wind turbines, which sells excess electricity to the grid. The Marmonts are also owners of an electric car which is also rechargeable from photovoltaics on the roof.

In May 1992, Tony bought the American company Carter Wind Turbines and became one of the few British owned companies to make 300kW wind turbines. Two examples of the use of Carters turbines that were developed by Tony include Great Orton Wind Farm in Cumbria and Faccombe Estates in Hampshire. Great Orton is a 3MW wind farm which uses ten 300kW machines, with the capacity to produce electricity for 3,000 homes. The site yields five million kilowatt hours a year. At Faccombe Estates, a 300kW turbine, set in an Area Of Outstanding Beauty, produces electricity for the estate. The saving on electricity costs since the turbine has been installed has more than paid for the capital costs of the turbine. Tony sold Carter Wind Turbines in December 1995.

In 1992, Tony was awarded the title of visiting professor from De Montfort University. After this time, he became involved in a number of university initiatives. This included the donation of funds to establish two centres, AMSET and CREST, for the advancement of research into renewable energy technologies. AMSET, the Anthony Marmont Sustainable Energy Technology Centre, was established at De Montfort University in 1993 to provide ‘a stimulating environment for research and challenge the conventions of traditional energy production’.

CREST, the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology, was also established in 1993 but based at Loughborough University. A number of experimental facilities and research programmes are currently running and the centre has been teaching a successful Masters course in Renewable Energy Systems Technology since 1994. 

More recently, Tony has helped to develop a Masters programme incorporating Renewable Energy and Architecture at the Institute of Building Technology, University of Nottingham. As well as acting as a advisor to the development of a new university campus, Tony has also been awarded the title of Special Professor in renewable energy. In June 1994, Tony gained the lease of a number of obsolete farm buildings at Whittle Hill. These have been restored and converted to provide office accommodation for Beacon Energy and MRETT (Midlands Renewable Energy Technology Transfer). Beacon Energy is the company run by Tony and provides an advisory service to commercial and domestic users of renewable energy systems. The main purpose of the company is to demonstrate renewable energy applications by example. This is undertaken by Tony who regularly conducts tours around his farm and, increasingly, the office. Also based within Whittle Hill Farm Buildings is MRETT. This is a non-profit making organisation set up in 1996 to facilitate links between Midlands universities and industry and so progress the development of renewable energy technology. The company is still in its early stages but has a number of large power organisations and researchers on its advisory committee.

  • 1994 - Lectured at the I.E.E. conference in London on the “Practical use of photovoltaics”.
  • 1995 - Commenced work with Nottingham University on renewable energy
  • 1997 - Awarded Special Professor in Renewable Energy at the University of Nottingham
  • 1998 - Awarded honorary degrees - Doctor of Science from the University of Nottingham, and Doctor of Technology from Loughborough University

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