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Emeritus Professor of Control Systems Engineering

Roger Goodall spent 14 years in industrial research before he took up an academic position at Loughborough University, where he is currently Professor of Control Systems Engineering. He is also a part-time professor in the Institute of Railway Research at the University of Huddersfield. His research is concerned with a variety of practical applications of advanced control, usually for high performance electro-mechanical systems. Specific projects are concerned with active railway vehicle suspensions, advanced sensor systems for aircraft flight control systems, and advanced concepts for control technology in general. His projects are characterised by strong industrial collaboration, having worked with companies such as Alstom, BAE Systems, Bombardier Transportation, and this is supported by excellent links with universities and research organizations worldwide.

He has served in a variety of external roles such as member of the Board of the International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics (IAVSD), Vice-President of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), chairman of the IMechE Railway Division, inaugural Chair of the Technical Committee on Mechatronic Systems for IFAC and Chairman of the UK Automatic Control Council (UKACC). For services to IFAC he has received the Federation’s Outstanding Service Award, and has also been elected as an IFAC Advisor.

He has been a Fellow of both the Institution of Electrical Engineers and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the UK for a number of years, and has received a number of awards from both these and other institutions, including the IMechE's James Watt International Gold Medal in 2010. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2007.


Key Awards

James Watt International Gold Medal (IMechE 2010)

Fellow of International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC)


NAME: Roger Morgan GOODALL DATE OF BIRTH: 7 May 1946

CURENT POSITION: Professor of Control Systems Engineering,

School of Electronic, Electrical & Systems Engineering, Loughborough University UK


Peterhouse, Cambridge

Mech Sciences Tripos Pt I (2:1) 1967

Electrical Sciences Tripos Pt II (2:1) 1968


1968: BA (Upper Second-Class Honours), University of Cambridge (MA awarded in 1971)

1978: CEng, MIEE

1990: PhD, Loughborough University of Technology

1992: FIEE

1995: FIMechE

2007: Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering

2014: IFAC Advisor



Junior Engineer, Control Engineering Dept, GEC-AEI Electronics Ltd., Leicester.


Various posts, Research & Development Division, British Rail, Derby. Finally: Team Leader, Suspension Unit


Lecturer/Senior Lecturer; Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Loughborough University.


Head of Department; Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Loughborough University.

1994- present:

Professor of Control Systems Engineering; Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Loughborough University

Main research expertise

  • Modelling and simulation of electro-mechanical control systems
  • Applications of advanced control for high-performance electro-mechanical systems
  • Model-based estimation and control
  • Algorithms and architectures for real-time control
  • Mechatronics

Major research activities:

Active control of railway dynamic systems
  • active suspension
  • tilting controllers
  • active steering/guidance
  • integrated wheelset control

Advanced Maglev control strategies
Control System Processors
Controllability of super-conducting magnets for electromagnetic actuation (and for Maglev)
Fault-tolerant sensor systems for aircraft flight control
State estimation for aircraft
Condition monitoring systems for railway vehicles
Actuators for high-integrity applications

Career highlights

  • 1976 Suspension controller design for 3 tonne experimental Maglev vehicle, redeveloped in 1981 for world's first operational Maglev system at Birmingham Airport in the UK
  • 1979 First experimental demonstration of a full-scale active suspension for a railway vehicle
  • 1981 First demonstration of tilting railway vehicle using electro-mechanical actuators (now the standard technology for European tilting trains)
  • 1996 40kg magnetic levitation demonstrator using controlled electro-magnets with high-temperature superconducting coils
  • 1999 Ultra-fast Control System Processor (CSP) using Programmable ASIC device
  • 2001 Completion of seminal European study of Mechatronic technologies for trains of the future
  • 2002 First experimental demonstration of actively-stabilised high-speed railway bogie

Selected Publications with short commentaries

Goodall R M, Williams R A, Lawton A and Harborough P R, “Railway vehicle active suspensions in theory and practice”, Proc 7th IAVSD Symposium, Cambridge, UK, pp 301-316, Sept 1981.

Describes the world’s first full-scale demonstration of a railway active suspension system.

K.W. Pennington and M.G. Pollard. “The development of an electro-mechanical tilt system for the Advanced Passenger Train” IMechE Conf on Electric versus Hydraulic drives, paper C299/83, pp 21-28, 1983.

Written by colleagues after leaving BR Research, but based upon research led by me (derived from an internal report authored by me)

Taylor D R D, Goodall R M and Oates C D M, “Theoretical and practical considerations in the design of the suspension system for Birmingham Maglev”, Int Conf Maglev Transport Now and for the Future, IMechE Conf Pubn C 393/84, pp 185-192, Oct 1984.

Describes the architecture and control design for the low-speed Maglev system, developed by BR Research and used operationally for the Birmingham Airport Maglev system.

Goodall R M and Williams R A, “Dynamic criteria in the design of Maglev suspension systems”, Int Conf Maglev Transport Now and for the Future, IMechE Conf Pubn C393/84, pp 77-86, Oct 1984.

Definitive paper outlining the limits of applicability of different Maglev technologies; awarded the IMechE Alfred Rosling Bennett Premium and Charles Sidney Lake Award in 1984.

Warren Forward, MJ, Goodall, RM, Pratt, D (1992) “Three Dimensional Force and Displacement Transducer”, Institution of Electrical Engineers Proceedings A, 139(1), pp.21-29.

Awarded the IEE Measurements Prize 1990

Pearson, J.T., Goodall, R.M. and Lyndon, I., ''Active Control of Helicopter Vibration'', IEE Computer and Control Engineering Journal, 5(6), December 1994, pp 277-284.

Collaborative project with Westland Helicopters; awarded the IEE Computing and Control Engineering Journal Premium in 1996

Goodall, R.M., MacLeod, C., El-Abbar, A., Jones, H. and Campbell, A., ''The Use of Iron-Cored HTS Magnets for EMS Maglev'', Advances in Superconductivity IX, 2, Nakajima and Murakami, Springer, 9th International Symposium on superconductivity (ISS '96), Sapporo, October 1996, pp 1393-1398, ISBN: 4 431 70198 2.

Describes world-leading research undertaken in collaboration with colleagues at Oxford and Cambridge Universities - aimed towards zero power consumption Maglev using modern superconducting materials.

Pearson, J.T., Goodall, R.M. and Pratt, I., ''Control System Studies of an Active Anti-Roll Bar Tilt System for Railway Vehicles'', IMechE Proceedings - Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit, 212(F1), 1998, pp 43-60, ISSN: 0954 4077.

Comprehensive study of tilting trains controllers; awarded the IMechE Railway Division Prize and IMechE Thomas Hawkesley Medal in 1999.

Goodall, R.M., ''Tilting Trains and Beyond - the Future for Active Railway Suspensions” (Parts 1 and 2)', Computing and Control Engineering Journal, Aug 1999 pp 153-159 and Oct 1999 pp 221-230, ISSN: 0956 3385.

Two part paper providing a definitive assessment of possibilities for  active railway suspensions; awarded IEE FC Williams Premium 2001

Mei, T.X., Li, H. and Goodall, R.M., ''Kalman Filters Applied to Actively Controlled Railway Vehicle Suspensions'', Trans of Inst MC, 23(3), 2001, pp 163-181, ISSN: 0142 3312.

Describes various practical railway vehicle applications of model-based estimation techniques; awarded the InstMC Transactions Paper Prize 2002

Goodall, R.M. and Kortum, W., ''Mechatronic Developments for Railway Vehicles of the Future'', Control Engineering Practice, October 2002, pp 887-898, ISSN 0967 0661.
An analysis of active technologies for railway vehicles;  based upon EC-funded “Mechatronic Technologies for Trains of the Future” FP5 project (led by me)

Pearson, J.T., Goodall, R.M., Mei, T.X., Himmelstein, G., 2004, “Active stability control strategies for a high speed bogie”, Control Engineering Practice, Vol 12, pp. 1381-1391.
Describes the world’s first full-scale demonstration of active stabilisation for a railway vehicle bogie, a collaborative project with industry

Cumplido, R., Jones, S. R., Goodall, R. M., & Bateman, S. (2005). “A High-Performance Processor for Embedded Real-Time Control”. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 13((3)), 485-492

A processor architecture for achieving very high sample frequencies for complex controllers utilising a real-time processing form of the δ operator

Halsey, S.A., Goodall, R.M., Caldwell, B.D. and Pearson, J.T., ''Model-Based Solutions for Structural Coupling Problems in Aircraft'', ACA'2007, 17th IFAC Symposium on Automatic Control in Aerospace, Toulouse, France, June 2007, pp. 1-6

An example of a long-standing thread of work investigating model-based techniques for flight control sensing systems; received the BAE Systems Bronze Award in 2007

Goodall, RM (2011) “Control Engineering Challenges for Railway Trains of the Future”, Measurement and Control, 44(1), pp.16-24

Awarded InstMC Honeywell Prize 2011

Hubbard, PD, Ward, C, Dixon, R, Goodall, RM (2013) “Real Time Detection of Low Adhesion in the Wheel/Rail Contact”, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit, November 2013 vol. 227 623-634(no. 6), pp.623-634

Awarded IMechE’s Alfred Rosling Bennett Premium and Charles Sidney Lake Award 2014

Athena Swan Bronze award

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