School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


2017— Doctoral research student, Wolfson School, Loughborough University
2015—2016 M.Sc. Advance physics, Loughborough University
2010---2014 Bachelor's Degree, Electric science and technology, HuaQiao University

my research is related to the metamaterial and cosmology

Application of hyperbolic metamaterials to antennas and other devices for operation with electromagnetic radiation

Zihao’s research will focus on new metamaterials which have a negative refractive index. Metamaterials are artificially engineered structures that have unusual properties not commonly found in nature [1].
 Specifically the research will focus on a new idea of the hyperbolic metamaterials with unique anisotropic properties. This is a special type of metamaterial which reflects light similar to the space with negative curvature like in a hyperbolic mirror. These replicates how light will propagate similarly to as in the vicinity of large cosmological objects. The work will pattern graphene with polymer (PPMA) and carry out some experiments using light and microwaves. The mathematical models developed will be utilized for antenna applications and concepts relating to Ferro fluids.

[1] J. B. Pendry et al.,Controlling electromagnetic fields, Science 312, Pp. 1780-1782 (2006)