School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


Youssef Hamid completed his MSc. in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering in May 2014 at the French University Arts et Metiers Paristech (ENSAM). Shortly after, he joined the Edison Engineering Graduate Program with GE Measurement & Control in Leicester.

He came to Loughborough University in September 2016 to start a multidisciplinary EPSRC sponsored PhD degree with Dr David Hutt at the CDT-EI (Center of Doctorate Training – Embedded intelligence).

Embedded & Intelligent Pressure Sensing Applications

GE Druck manufactures pressure sensors that monitor liquid and gas systems for many industries including automotive, subsea, aerospace and industrial. The sensors need to interact with the physical stimulus and measure pressure inputs, while being protected from their harsh thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical operating environment, in order to avoid damage to delicate components. In addition, electrical signal outputs need to be passed in and out of the sensor to monitoring equipment. Thus this project will explore new materials and methods for the packaging and interconnection of the sensing technology for efficient manufacture while ensuring the integrity of the device is maintained and that it continues to remain reliable in service.

Key words: Embedded Intelligence / Pressure Sensing Applications / 3D integration / Manufacturing & Packaging Solutions