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Vlad Kornienko MEng

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PhD Research Student

Vladislav graduated in July 2018 with a masters (MEng) in Materials Engineering at Loughborough University with a Diploma in Industrial Studies (DIS). His industrial placement was based with Tata Steel R&D metallurgy department in Coventry(2016-2017). Vladislav's primary project was on heat treatment and characterisation of non-grain oriented electrical steel. He did a summer placement at Loughborough University. This work was on molecular modelling of 45S5 bioactive glass used for bone repair.

PhD "current title": The microstructure and electrical properties of grain boundaries in polycrystalline thin film photovoltaic devices.

Areas of interest:

  • Effects of grain boundaries and defects on the electrical performance of CdTe thin film solar cells.
  • Significant focus is on characterising the CdTe thin films and use techniques such as 3D-EBSD to analyse the grain boundaries, microstructure, and texture as a function of depth. Other characterisation methods may be considered such as:,AC-STEM, high resolution TEM (including in situ heating),CL, PL and EBIC.
  • The current aim for this project is to optimise the efficiency of CdTe solar cells through grain boundary engineering with the support of chemical and microstructural data obtained from different characterisation techniques and range of CdTe based thin film solar cells.

Athena Swan Bronze award

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