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Tom Whittaker MEng

Photo of  Tom Whittaker

Graduated from Loughborough in 2017 with a First-Class MEng degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Tom is working with Yiannis Vardaxoglou and Will Whittow in the Symeta project, investigating circuit modelling of 3D metamaterial structures for microwave applications.

 Symeta Website:

2017 – Current: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering.

Sept. 2011 – June 2016: Loughborough University, First-Class MEng degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Oct 2014 – July 2016: Development Engineer at Tradex Innovation. Responsibilities carried on from the previous employment.

July 2013 – Sept 2014: Development Engineer at Trolex Mining Solutions LTD. Main responsibilities:
- 3D modelling for Computer aided manufacture (CAD & CAM).
- Electronic circuit, PCB and embedded software design and testing.
- Part procurement.

Circuit modelling of metamaterials for microwave and Terahertz applications

With the exciting advent of 3D printing, this revolutionary new manufacturing technique allows for low cost, low waste and highly customizable form of manufacturing. This research aims to take full advantage of 3D printing by exploring true 3D metamaterial structures. Tom is researching into equivalent circuit modelling of such 3D metamaterials for microwave applications.