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Samah Alharbi

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Research title : Real-Time Physiological Monitoring in Next Generation eHealth Network. The CareLight sensor associated embedded system is required to investigate the effects of eHealth in the forthcoming healthcare system. This lack of integration presents challenges for professionals who need to collect time sensitive data via constant monitoring in a non-intrusive manner. These requirements of the research work will be engineered into the existing Carelight platform that is able to collect data from a wide range of in vivo physiological monitoring and consolidate the resulting data into a format appropriate for further analysis. Recent advances in body sensor nodes will be exploited to provide a wearable wireless solution. Special software will be created to allow easy end user configuration against desired optoelectronic sensor fit and performance.

  • Samah Alharbi, Sijung Hu and David Mulvaney, “Real –time physiological monitoring in next generation e-health during physical exercise”, oral presentation, Loughborough university conference, Loughborough 07/06/2017.
  • Liangwen Yan, Sijung Hu, Abdullah Alzahrani, Samah Alharbi and Panagiotis Blanos, “ A multi- wavelength opto-electronic patch sensor to effectively detect physiological changes against human skin types”, Biosensors Journal v.7 (2), 2017.
  • Samah Alharbi, Sijung Hu, David Mulvaney and Panagiotis Blanos, “ An applicable approach for extracting human heart rate  and oxygen saturation during physical movements using a multi-wavelength illumination opto-electronic sensor system”, Paper conference and oral presentation, SPIE  BiOs conference, San Francisco, USA  28/01/2018.
  • Liangwen Yan, Sijung Hu, Samah Alharbi and Panagiotis, “ A multiplexed electronic architecture for opto-electronic patch sensor to effectively monitor heart rate and oxygen saturation”, poster, SPIE BiOs conference, San Francisco, USA 30/01/2018