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Rania Harastani MSc, BEng

Photo of  Rania Harastani

Rania is a food processing engineer, she was awarded a scholarship from the Erasmus Mundus association to study a European master in food science, technology and nutrition. After finishing her master's, she started her PhD research in Loughborough University in 2016 to develop a framework that aims to improve the nutritional profile of processed foods in an approach to tackle obesity. Rania is interested in doing research on food reformulation and customisation that can help people with non-communicable diseases.

PhD Thesis Title: Developing a Knowledge-Base for Processed Food Reformulation to Tackle Obesity

In her research, Rania created a systematic approach to reformulate processed foods. Reformulation could be challenging due to issues related to clean-label, legislations, consumer acceptability, industrial processing and cost. Her approach aims to assess these key challenges and hence help the food industry especially SMEs in reformulating their products.

Kearney, J, Khadrawi, I, Harastani, R and Stack, M (2015) Vitamin D Supplementation Practices in Pregnancy and during Infancy and Other Behaviors Related to Vitamin D Status among Sample of Muslim Women in Ireland and Saudi Arabia. Journal of Nutrients, 2(1), 11-26.