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Photo of  Paul Palmer

Paul graduated from University of London in 1977, and gained a MSc from the Cranfield Institute of Technology in 1985. He is co-founder founder of two SMEs: Tech-Trends Ltd and Webnebulus Ltd. He has interests in electronic design, manufacture, technology road mapping, and web based software. He has been involved in several systems orientated projects. These included helping to commission the UK’s first microprocessor-controlled nuclear reactor test and monitoring system for Plessey, and supervised the manufacture of the control systems for UK’s first generation of microprocessor controlled trains for the London Docklands Light Railway for GEC Traction. He used this specialist technical knowledge of complex systems and applications when designing the Info-Point for Webnebulus Ltd, using Open Source and Open Innovation techniques to make the first product in its class to be sold into an emerging technical market. He was a Director of one of the longest running UK Knowledge Transfer Networks the Electronics Enabled Products KTN, and was also one of the first Fellows of the Institute of Knowledge Transfer.

Extracting knowledge from large datasets

Large systems have the potential to generate huge amounts of data (Big Data) which can be kept almost indefinitely in low cost digital archives. There is also a trend towards converting historical data from many different domains into searchable digital formats, sometimes by automated processes, and other times by volunteer effort. Are there universally applicable approaches to the process of deriving verifiable inferences from individual datasets or is the processes uniquely different for each class of dataset?