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Nathalie Sällström BMedSc(Hons)

Photo of  Nathalie Sällström

PhD Research Student

Nathalie Sällström did her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Materials Science at the University of Birmingham. After graduating in 2015, she joined Loughborough University to undertake a CDT in additive manufacturing. Her research is focusing on neural guidance using hydrogels for applications within next generation prosthetics.  

PhD Thesis Title: Soft non-fouling hydrogel systems for additive manufacture of prosthetic socket components

Research aims to develop a new soft material for fully integrated next generation prosthetic devices. Current prosthetic sockets are commonly made from a hard-polymeric material which does not adapt to changes of the residual limb leading to poorly fitting and uncomfortable sockets. This research aims to solve this by using a soft elastomeric material which can recover well from compression forces.