School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


Melanie studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart, where she achieved her BSc in Mathematics in 2013 and her MSc in Software Technology in 2015. She wrote her Masters thesis with the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute (HSSMI) on data visualisation towards an augmented manufacturing reality.

Melanie joined HSSMI as an Engineer after finishing her Masters degree, where she worked on various research and commercial projects until July 2017.

Melanie joined the Intelligent Automation Centre as a PhD student in October 2015. Her research is sponsored by the Doctoral Training Centre in Embedded Intelligence (CDT-EI) and HSSMI. The vision of her research is to facilitate the ramp-up process of an assembly system based on information acquired and actions taken from the human operator. Therefore, this work will investigate how human knowledge can be captured and be used in order to develop a decision-support framework.

Melanie's PhD is part of a European project that focusses on an innovative common and openly accessible plug-and-produce system platform. Melanie will look into multi-agent negotiation strategies to provide dynamic energy optimisation techniques. The project is sponsored by HSSMI Ltd and supervised by Dr Niels Lohse.

Melanie's research interests lie in Sustainable Manufacturing, Machine Learning and Decision Support.

Melanie's research interests lie in sustainable manufacturing, machine learning and decision support.