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Mattia Norrito

Photo of  Mattia Norrito

Mattia Norrito followed his higher education studies at the University of Trieste, where he got a MS in Medical Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. During his studies, he focused on acquiring a deep and comprehensive knowledge in biomaterials and their application in Tissue Engineering. He has experience in preparation and the characterization of polysaccharide-based biomaterials for bone and neural tissue regeneration applications. Furthermore, after his graduation, he also improved his skills and expertise by evaluating the effects of pore size and porosity on mechanical properties and biological response of titanium scaffolds.

Engineered titanium-based alloys for bioengineering applications

His current research project is ‘Engineered titanium-based alloys for bioengineering applications‘ and the development of multi-functional materials with micro and nano structures suitable to regenerate the damaged tissues.