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Josh Turner Bsc

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PhD Research Student

Josh Turner started his undergraduate in Sports Technology at Loughborough University in 2012, recently graduating in summer 2016. During his undergraduate, he spent 14 months on placement at Nike Golf’s European Operations in the Netherlands, as an assistant Product Line Manager for Nike Golf’s club and ball business units. Following this, he completed his final year dissertation, looking at the effects of changing the mass distribution of golf clubs on selected golf performance metrics, which motivated him to carry on with golf research, and undertake a golf related PhD in a similar field.

My research is primarily concerned with attaining a better understanding of the interaction between the human golfer and golf equipment during a golf swing. There has been a lot of research published in the golf industry focused on both the biomechanical aspects of the golf swing, from a perspective of trying to enhance technique, elevate and align the knowledge of golf coaches to that of research, or injury prevention, and also the effects of club parameters, such as swing weight, shaft stiffness, club head mass etc. on golf performance. There are however, fewer studies that look at both of these disciplines in tandem, and therefore where my PhD comes in, to bridge the gap in knowledge between these areas.