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Josh Sumner BSci (Hons), MSc.

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PhD Research Student

Josh is a current Phd research student. He started at Loughborough University in 2018 after spending 4 years at Liverpool John Moores University, completing his Undergraduate (Sport and Excercise Science) and Masters (Sport and Clinical Biomechanics) degrees. His research interests include Sport Science, Biomechanic and Sport Technology.

PhD Thesis Title: Informing Golf Equipment Construction & The Club-Fitting Process Using Golfer Biomechanics

The manipulation of sporting equipment to match an individual’s movement patterns or anthropometrics is prevalent in numerous sports. In the golf industry, personalisation of golf clubs is available to both professionals and amateurs, with the aim to provide an optimal club that will improve distance and control of the golf ball. While club fitting is prevalent in the industry, little research has indicated how accurate the process is at prescribing an optimal club to an individual. The first aim of this research project is to understand and assess the current processes used during golf club custom fitting. The second aim is to analyse the effect of using golf clubs with differing mechanical properties on golfer biomechanics and performance to inform the development of a recommendation engine that uses golfer biomechanics to predict optimal club specifications.

Athena Swan Bronze award

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