School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


In 2013 I got a Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering from The Institute of Technology of Culiacan. My thesis project was Photometer for Cylindrical Scanning, it consists on build an illumination sensor to characterize the irradiance pattern of different light’s sources and make the algorithms to process and display all the collected data on a user’s interface.

In got an MSc in optics at Optical Research Centre in Leon, Mexico in 2015. My project was Digitization of Solids Through Structured Light where I learned different techniques of optical profilometry using methods like phase shifting interferometry. Additionally, I get specialized in digital filter design and phase unwrapping algorithms.

My PhD project at Loughborough University is called Synthetic Aperture Interferometry which the aim of the project is to demonstrate novel optical instrumentation for high-resolution inspection and precision measurement of large engineered parts.