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Hana started 1st October 2017 as a part time student. Her background is in Applied Mathematics. She is interested in social sustainability in relation to management practices in manufacturing.

The best and most rewarding problems that research attempts to answer are those that help people, including future generations. Sustainable manufacturing requires fresh approaches and perspectives as what has been done so far is not enough. Hana lives and thrives on the methodological edge and applies interdisciplinary approaches for better products and production processes with the objective of positive ecological impact.

PhD Thesis Title: Ecologically Embedded Manufacturing

Hana's research is motivated by improving strategic management practices in manufacturing for greater sustainability. The goal of her research is to provide practical frameworks and tools that will be straightforward to implement in real world applications.

Destruction of the natural environment, climate change and pandemics are not unrelated. The fragility of global health, security and economies is clear. Manufacturing is both cause and solution. To move towards solution, sustainability and circular economy need to be more than buzzwords. Manufacturing should be ecologically embedded. But what does that mean and how can it be rigoursly applied for real impact on improving the lives of people and the health of the planet?

Athena Swan Bronze award

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