School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


I have always had an interested in Mathematics and Physics, being able to apply my theoretical knowledge into practical applications has been a strong ambition. After successfully completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering (MEng) I found myself very fond of the automotive industry. For my PhD I secured a project in collaboration with the CDT-EI and AVL.

The main goal of the project is to develop a multi-physics numerical model to analyse the tribo-dynamics of bevel gears. The automotive industry is growing and with strict global emission regulations being put in place, it is important for automotive manufacturers to adhere to the regulations and meet customer satisfaction. Being able to fully understand the lubrication of gears is highly desirable as friction losses contribute to high exhaust emissions. It is also important to understand the dynamics as interacting physics with lubrication. In addition, it is measure of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) refinement. This project will deliver the required predictive and analysis tool to tackle abovementioned issues.   

This project is sponsored by AVL who specialises in power and drivetrain simulation and testing, based in Austria, Gratz.


Sivayogan G, Mohammadpour M, Rahnejat H, Sopouch M, Offner G (2017). Elastohydrodynamic Analysis of Hypoid Gear Contacts With Variable Geometry and Kinematics, 6th World Tribology Congress, Beijing, China.

Oglieve C, Sivayogan G, Mohammadpour M, Rahnejat H (2017). Lubricated Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis (LLTCA) for Spur Gear Pairs. International Conference on Advance Vehicle Powertrains, Hangzhou, China.