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Francesco Cocetta

Photo of  Francesco Cocetta

Francesco is a PhD student at the Wolfson School. He come to Loughborough university in October 2017 to work on the development of unstructured meshes modelling for flows.

Francesco is a graduate of the Physics Department of the University of Trieste where he obtains his MSc in “Physics of the Earth and the Environment”.

The proposed research consists of the development of modelling techniques for advanced simulations of physical phenomena taking place in the Earth’s Atmosphere. In particular, the research will contribute to the improvement of unstructured meshes based nonhydrostatic models for geophysical flows which can alleviate limitations of regular grids traditionally used for weather forecasts. Main feature of the research will be the multi-scale approach that would encompass many atmospheric phenomena,

starting from large-scale global circulation and climate features, through meso-scale processes, until those involving the coupling between Earth’s surface and Atmosphere, and droplets growth.